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Wifi Controller - 2 Channels 7-32V Gate Remote Control Receiver 433.92Mhz

The ELWF005 WiFi Controller 2 Channels 7-32V Gate Remote Control Receiver (433.92MHz) is a convenient and versatile device that allows you to wirelessly control your gate or other compatible devices. This WiFi controller receiver supports two channels, enabling you to remotely operate multiple devices or functions with ease. It operates within a voltage range of 7-32V, providing flexible power options. With its WiFi connectivity, you can conveniently control your gate or devices using a smartphone or other WiFi-enabled devices, offering enhanced convenience and accessibility. The ELWF005 controller features a robust design and operates at a frequency of 433.92MHz, ensuring reliable and stable wireless communication. Upgrade your gate or device control system with the ELWF005 WiFi Controller for efficient and convenient remote operation.

150.00 150.0 AUD
Wifi Controller - 1 Channel 240V Gate Remote Control Receiver - Tuya

The WFGC001 WiFi Controller is a convenient and advanced solution for controlling your gate remotely. This 1-channel receiver is compatible with 240V gate systems and features WiFi connectivity, allowing you to operate your gate using your smartphone or other smart devices. With the Tuya app, you can easily open and close your gate from anywhere, providing added convenience and security. The WiFi Controller is easy to install and offers reliable performance, making it a great addition to your gate automation setup.

120.00 120.0 AUD
Remootio-compatible outdoor camera S41

Remootio-compatible outdoor camera S41

Use the S41 camera with the Remootio application

Remootio have partnered with Foscam, a leading camera manufacturer to bring camera support to the Remootio application. Certain Foscam models such as the Foscam S41 are compatible with the Remootio application after activating and upgrading through an activation code.

This bundle includes both the Foscam S41 camera and the camera already pre-activated. There are no subscription fees to use the camera with the Remootio app.

Live stream from your garage or gate to your smartphone!

You can pair the Remootio compatible Foscam S41 camera to your Remootio device, and you will be able to see your gate or garage door opening or closing right from the app. From now on whenever you open or close your garage you can see what happens exactly.


  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi
  • IP66 waterproof, suitable for outdoor use
  • 2K 4MP resolution
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • White spotlight to illuminate the scene in the dark

Set-up Guide

285.00 285.0 AUD
Remootio-3 Wifi Module - Smart Gate and Garage Door Controller

The Remootio 3 WiFi Controller is a versatile device designed to provide convenient and secure control of your gate and garage door. With its built-in WiFi connectivity, you can easily operate and monitor your gate or garage door from anywhere using the Remootio mobile app. The controller supports up to three doors or gates, allowing you to manage multiple access points from a single device. It also offers advanced features such as time-limited access sharing, activity logs, and integration with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The Remootio 3 WiFi Controller offers a seamless and modern solution for smart gate and garage door automation.


The majority of electric gates, garage door openers, and electric strikes are compatible with Remootio. The device functions exactly like a push button would and is wired to your existing opener's push-button input terminals.

158.95 158.95000000000002 AUD
4G GSM - Gate Opener Relay Remote

The ET137 4G GSM Gate Opener is a cutting-edge device designed to provide convenient and secure access control for your gate. With its new version for 2023, this gate opener offers advanced features and reliable performance. It utilizes 4G GSM technology, allowing you to remotely open your gate using a wireless connection. The unit is compatible with 12-24VDC power supply, ensuring versatility in installation. It also includes a built-in relay for seamless operation. One of the standout features of the ET137 is its free call functionality, enabling you to open your gate by making a phone call without incurring any additional charges. Upgrade your gate access system with the ET137 4G GSM Gate Opener for a convenient and efficient solution.

189.00 189.0 AUD