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Enhance Swing Gate Functionality with Rising Hinges

Welcome to TigerLink's collection of rising hinges, designed to elevate the functionality of swing gates. Rising hinges, also known as uphill hinges, provide a practical solution for gates situated on sloped surfaces. These hinges enable smooth gate operation by allowing the gate to rise as it opens, ensuring clearance over uneven terrain. Our assortment includes rising hinges tailored to swing gates, offering reliable and efficient performance. Whether your gate is installed on an incline or you're seeking improved clearance, rising hinges provide a practical answer to gate operation on challenging surfaces. Explore TigerLink's rising hinges collection and discover how these uphill solutions can enhance the functionality of your swing gates. Embrace the benefits of seamless gate operation over sloped surfaces – browse our range today and find the perfect rising hinges for your swing gate project.

Rising Hinges Calculation Table

This table displays gate dimensions with the width listed first followed by the height (900 Width x 1800 Height). In Column A, we have the A-type hinge, while Column B represents other hinge.

Please take into consideration that these measurements are derived from gates we have constructed. Some gates may exhibit sagging or bowing due to factors such as excessive welding heat application.

The values in Columns A and B indicate the vertical lift at the end of the gate opposite to the hinge side, and these values are expressed in millimeters.

*** Measurement shown may change depending on the gate frame attachment.
All the Numbers are in Millimeters in the above table

** Measurement shown are at 90 Degrees from close to open.