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Locinox Digital Wired Keypad for Gate Slimstone-2 in Black Colour

The ET200 Digital Wired Keypad for Gate is a high-quality and reliable security solution for your gate access control. This keypad features a slim and sleek design with a black color finish, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It offers convenient and secure access to your property with programmable PIN codes. The keypad is wired for easy installation and is suitable for use with the Slimstone 2 gate system. With its durable construction and user-friendly interface, the ET200 Digital Wired Keypad is an excellent choice for residential and commercial gate access control.


  • IP68 rated - Extremely resistant to water and dust
  • Aluminium vandal-proof housing with scratch-resistant textured lacquer
  • Energy efficient adjustable white led lights
  • Highly resistant stainless steel push buttons tested for 1,000,000 pushes and more
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Easy programming of up to 100 user codes
  • Frost-free thanks to smart heating
  • Tested from -30 up to +85° Celsius
  • Time range adjustable between pulse and timer mode (100ms - 99s)
  • Working voltage keypad from 10 up to 26 Volt AC/DC
  • Current: 1.0 A (with heating)
  • 2 integrated switching relays: 2 x NO - 2 x NC - 2 x COM (Max. 2A, 60W, 26V AC/DC)
  • 2 m connection cable included 
  • Consumption: 1,5 W (> 5°C) + 12 W at max heating (< -25°C)

265.00 265.0 AUD
Locinox Digital Wired Keypad for Gate Slimstone with 2 integrated relays in Silver Colour

The ET208 Digital Wired Keypad for Gate Slimstone is a versatile and reliable access control solution for your gate system. With its sleek design and silver color, it seamlessly blends with any gate setup. This keypad features two integrated relays, allowing you to control not only the gate's access but also other compatible devices such as lights or intercom systems. The keypad is designed for convenience and ease of use, with backlit keys and a user-friendly interface. It offers secure and customizable access codes, providing enhanced security for your property. Upgrade your gate system with the ET208 Digital Wired Keypad and enjoy advanced access control functionality.

295.00 295.0 AUD
Locinox Digital Wired Keypad for Gate Slimstone in Silver Colour

The ET202 Digital Wired Keypad for Gate is a reliable and user-friendly access control solution designed for gate security. With its sleek silver color and modern design, this keypad not only provides secure access but also enhances the aesthetics of your gate system. The keypad allows for programmable PIN codes, ensuring convenient and personalized entry for authorized individuals. It is specifically designed for use with the Slimstone gate system, providing seamless compatibility. With its wired connection, installation is quick and easy. Upgrade your gate security with the ET202 Digital Wired Keypad.

265.00 265.0 AUD