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Premium Rectangular Plastic Caps for RHS

Elevate your projects with our premium rectangular plastic caps designed specifically for RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections) at Tigerlink. Our high-quality RHS end caps provide both protection and a polished finish, ensuring the longevity and aesthetics of your projects. Whether you're working on industrial structures or DIY projects, our durable rectangular plastic caps are the perfect solution. Explore our range to find the ideal fit for your RHS, and trust Tigerlink for top-notch quality and functionality. Enhance the appearance and durability of your RHS structures with our reliable rectangular plastic caps.

Plastic Rectangular End Caps  Colour - Black

CPPR40430x15mm0.7 - 2.5mm
CPPR47238x25mm0.8 - 3mm
CPPR42040x15mm 1 - 2mm
CPPR41440x20mm0.8 - 3mm
CPPR41840x30mm1 - 3mm
CPPR41650x20mm1 - 3mm
CPPR50050x25mm0.8 - 3mm
CPPR50655x34mm1.50 - 4mm
CPPR50560x20mm1 - 3mm
CPPR40665x16mm1.2 - 1.4mm
CPPR504 65x35mm1 - 3mm
CPPR48260x40mm1 - 3mm
CPPR42275x25mm1 - 3mm
CPPR51575x50mm0.8 - 2.5mm
2.5 - 4.5mm
CPPR51276x38mm1 - 2.5mm

1 - 3mm
CPPR51880x50mm2 - 4mm
CPPR520100x25mm1.5 - 3mm
CPPR535100x50mm2 - 3mm
CPPR522125x75mm2 - 5mm
CPPR536150x50mm2 - 4mm
CPPR524150x100mm1.5 - 4.5mm
1.10 1.1 AUD