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Locinox Large Ornamental Lock H2 Flat profile adjustable 10-30mm



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    Locinox is a trusted name in high-quality gate hardware and access control solutions from Belgium. From gate locks and hinges to self-closing systems and access control devices, Locinox provides solutions that are known for their exceptional quality and long-lasting performance.


    The FK443 Locinox Large Ornamental Lock is a high-quality lock designed for ornamental gates. It features a flat profile and is adjustable in width from 10mm to 30mm, allowing it to fit a wide range of gate profiles. The lock is specifically manufactured by Locinox, a renowned brand known for its durable and reliable gate hardware.

    With its large size and robust construction, the FK443 lock provides enhanced security and peace of mind for your ornamental gate. It is made from premium materials, ensuring its durability and resistance to weather conditions. The lock is designed to withstand frequent use and maintain its functionality over time.

    The adjustable width feature of the FK443 lock allows for easy installation and customization to fit your gate profile. It provides a secure locking mechanism to keep your gate securely closed and prevent unauthorized access. The flat profile design adds a sleek and elegant touch to your ornamental gate, enhancing its overall aesthetics.

    Installation of the FK443 lock is straightforward and can be done using basic tools. It comes with all the necessary components and mounting hardware for a hassle-free installation process. The lock is designed to integrate seamlessly with Locinox gate hardware systems, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

    Whether you need to secure your ornamental gate or enhance its visual appeal, the FK443 Locinox Large Ornamental Lock is an excellent choice. It offers a combination of security, durability, and aesthetics, making it a reliable and stylish option for your gate.

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