D Latch Handle / Lever only (A2-4)


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    The D-Latch Handle Lever (only) in A2-4 finish is a high-quality lever handle designed for use with D-latch systems. It provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip for easy operation of gates, doors, or other applications that require a latch mechanism.

    This D-latch handle lever is crafted from durable materials and features an A2-4 finish, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and a stylish appearance. The lever design allows for smooth and effortless operation, making it ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

    The D-Latch Handle Lever is compatible with various D-latch systems, providing versatility in installation and usage. It can be easily attached to the latch mechanism, allowing for quick and convenient latch operation. The lever-only design is suitable for replacing existing handles or customizing latch systems to meet specific requirements.

    Installation of the D-Latch Handle Lever is straightforward, and all necessary mounting hardware is included. It is designed to fit standard latch systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.

    With its durable construction, A2-4 finish, and ergonomic design, the D-Latch Handle Lever (only) offers a reliable and stylish solution for latch operation. Whether for gates, doors, or other applications, this lever handle provides comfort and convenience.