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Jutai Curtain Photocell Beam Sensor (2m)



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    Jutai Gate Access is your premier destination for advanced gate access control solutions. With a dedication to innovation and reliability, Jutai Gate Access offers a wide range of cutting-edge products designed to enhance the security and convenience of gate entrances.


    Upgrade the safety of your automatic gates and garage doors with the cutting-edge Jutai Photocell Beam Sensor, now available at TigerLink. Designed to provide robust and reliable detection, this sensor ensures secure operation for gate systems and garage doors, offering peace of mind to residential and commercial property owners.

    The Jutai Photocell Beam Sensor sets a new standard for gate and garage safety. Its innovative photoelectric beam technology establishes a virtual barrier that, when breached, triggers an immediate response to prevent accidents and mishaps. Whether you're safeguarding an automatic gate or a garage door, this sensor's accuracy and efficiency make it an essential component for ensuring the well-being of individuals and property.

    Ideal for residential complexes, commercial establishments, and industrial settings, the Jutai Photocell Beam Sensor boasts easy installation and low maintenance requirements. Its reliability in preventing gate or garage door closure when obstacles are present guarantees a secure environment for all. Take proactive steps to enhance safety – explore the features of the Jutai Photocell Beam Sensor today and invest in the protection of those who matter most.

    Product Parameter


    Detection Distance 15m
    Working Voltage DC12-24V
    Transmitter Operating Current     <50mA
    Receiver Operation Current <50mA
    Response Time 50/100/150/200ms adjustable
    Trigger Time Block a beam of light, trigger in 2 seconds, block adjacent 2 beams or more, trigger immediately
    Induction Method Single beam trigger or Multi-beam trigger(can be selected)
    Working Temperature -20~60ºC
    Ambient Temperature 90%RH In Max;(No condensation)
    Alarm Output Wired Output, RelayOutput30VDC@2A,125VAC@1A
    Output Way(Wired Model) Wired transmission,(NO/NC)
    Rotation Angle 180 degrees horizontal
    IP level IP65
    Material Aluminum Alloy And PC Plastic



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