Gate Locks: Ensuring Security and Peace of Mind
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Gate Locks: Ensuring Security and Peace of Mind
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Gate Locks: Ensuring Security and Peace of Mind

External Gate Locks

At Tigerlink, we offer a diverse range of external gate locks designed to provide reliable security for your gates. Our external gate locks are crafted with durability and weather resistance in mind, ensuring they can withstand outdoor conditions. Whether you need key-operated locks, outdoor gate locks, or latches, we have the perfect solution to meet your security needs.

Gate Locks with Key

Gate locks with key provide an additional layer of security, allowing you to control access to your property. Our selection includes key-operated gate locks that offer convenience and peace of mind. With sturdy construction and reliable locking mechanisms, these locks are designed to keep your gates secure and protected.

Dropbolts, Padbolts, and Gate Handles

In addition to gate locks, we also offer a range of accessories to enhance the functionality and security of your gates. Explore our selection of dropbolts, padbolts, and gate handles. These accessories provide convenient and reliable solutions for securing your gates, ensuring smooth operation and peace of mind.

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Dropbolts provide a secure and convenient locking solution for gates. These versatile gate hardware accessories are designed to effectively secure gates in a fixed position, preventing them from swinging or opening unintentionally. With durable construction and easy installation, dropbolts offer reliable functionality and peace of mind for your gate security needs.

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Padbolts are an essential component for securing gates and doors. These sturdy and reliable gate hardware accessories feature a sliding bolt mechanism that securely locks into place, providing added security and peace of mind. With their simple design and easy installation, padbolts are an effective and convenient solution for keeping your gates and doors firmly closed and protected.

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Gate Handles

Gate handles are the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics for your gates. These durable and ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip and smooth operation when opening and closing your gate. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, gate handles add a touch of elegance to your gate while ensuring easy access. Whether you have a wooden, metal, or PVC gate, a well-designed gate handle enhances the overall appearance.

Gate Latches and Mortice Locks

Our gate latches and mortice locks are designed to offer secure locking options for your gates. Whether you prefer traditional latches or more advanced mortice locks, we have a variety of options to suit your needs. With durable construction and easy installation, our gate latches and mortice locks provide reliable security for your gates.

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Gate Latches

Gate latches are essential for securing your gates with ease and reliability. These sturdy and versatile latches ensure that your gates remain securely closed, providing both safety and convenience. With various designs and mechanisms available, including lever latches, slide bolts, and magnetic latches, you can choose the perfect latch to suit your gate type and security needs. Whether it's a garden gate, driveway gate, or industrial gate, a high-quality gate latch offers peace of mind by keeping your property protected while allowing easy access for authorized individuals.

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Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are a popular choice for securing gates and doors with their robust and durable construction. These locks are designed to fit into a mortice cut-out in the gate or door, providing a secure locking mechanism. With their strong and reliable operation, mortice locks offer enhanced security for your property. Available in various styles, including sashlocks and deadlocks, they provide both key-operated and lever-operated options. Whether it's for residential or commercial use, mortice locks are an excellent choice for ensuring the safety and protection of your gates.

Euro Cylinders, Key Barrels, and Magnetic Gate Locks

Explore our range of euro cylinders and key barrels, offering high-quality locking solutions for your gates. These locks provide enhanced security and can be easily integrated into existing gate systems. Additionally, our magnetic gate locks offer advanced locking technology, ensuring reliable and convenient access control.

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Euro Cylinders And Key Barrels

Euro cylinders and key barrels are essential components of gate and door locking systems. These cylinders provide a secure and convenient way to control access to your property. With their standardized dimensions and design, Euro cylinders are compatible with a wide range of locks, making them versatile and widely used. Key barrels, also known as key cylinders, are inserted into the Euro cylinder to provide key-operated functionality. Whether you need to replace an existing cylinder or upgrade your security, Euro cylinders and key barrels offer reliable and effective solutions for protecting your gates and ensuring peace of mind.

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Magnetic Gate Locks

Magnetic gate locks offer a secure and efficient locking solution for gates. Using the power of magnets, these locks provide a strong and reliable hold, keeping your gate firmly closed and protected. With their electromagnetic mechanism, magnetic gate locks can be conveniently operated with a remote control or a keypad, allowing for easy access control. These locks are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings where both security and convenience are important. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your gate is securely locked with the advanced technology of magnetic gate locks.

Digital Locks, Electric Strikes, and Sliding Gate Locks

 For those seeking modern and technologically advanced gate locks, we offer digital locks, electric strikes, and sliding gate locks. These locks provide keyless entry options, advanced access control features, and secure locking mechanisms. Enhance the security and convenience of your gates with our range of digital, electric, and sliding gate locks.

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Digital Locks

Digital locks are advanced security solutions that provide keyless access to your gate. Instead of using traditional keys, digital locks use electronic mechanisms, such as keypad or biometric technology, to grant entry. With a digital lock, you can enjoy the convenience of entering a personalized code or using your fingerprint to unlock the gate. These locks offer enhanced security by eliminating the risk of lost or duplicated keys. Digital locks are programmable, allowing you to easily manage access permissions and monitor gate activity. Upgrade your gate's security with a reliable and user-friendly digital lock system.

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Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are innovative devices that enhance the security and convenience of your gate. Installed on the gate frame, electric strikes work in conjunction with an electric lock or access control system. When activated, the electric strike releases the latch or bolt, allowing the gate to open. This technology provides keyless entry and remote control capabilities, eliminating the need for physical keys. Electric strikes offer secure and efficient access control, allowing authorized individuals to enter while keeping unauthorized individuals out. They are commonly used in commercial and residential applications, providing a reliable and convenient solution for gate access control.

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Sliding Gate Locks

Sliding gate locks are designed specifically for sliding gates, offering enhanced security and functionality. These locks are installed on the gate frame and latch onto the sliding gate to secure it in place. With a variety of locking mechanisms available, such as key-operated locks or combination locks, sliding gate locks provide reliable access control and protection against unauthorized entry. They are built to withstand heavy-duty use and are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Sliding gate locks are an essential component for ensuring the security and smooth operation of sliding gates, providing peace of mind for property owners.

Slam Locks, Weld On Lock Boxes, and Wrought Iron Locks

Our selection of slam locks, weld on lock boxes, and wrought iron locks cater to specific security requirements. Slam locks offer quick and secure locking, while weld on lock boxes provide added reinforcement. Wrought iron locks are specially designed to complement the aesthetics of wrought iron gates, combining security and elegance.

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Slam Locks

Slam locks are a type of gate lock that provides quick and convenient security. They are designed to automatically lock when the gate is closed or slammed shut, hence the name "slam lock." This feature eliminates the need for manual locking, making them ideal for situations where fast and effortless locking is required. Slam locks are commonly used in high-traffic areas or environments where gates need to be frequently opened and closed. They provide reliable protection against unauthorized access and are often found in commercial settings, industrial facilities, and public areas. With their simple yet effective design, slam locks offer efficient security for various gate applications.

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Weld On Lock Boxes

Weld-on lock boxes are sturdy and secure solutions for gate locks. These lock boxes are designed to be welded directly onto the gate or fence, providing a strong and durable attachment point for locks. They offer added protection and security by enclosing the lock mechanism within a metal box, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to tamper with or access the lock. Weld-on lock boxes are commonly used in metal gate installations, offering a reliable and robust locking solution. With their welded construction, they ensure a permanent and rigid connection, enhancing the overall security of the gate. These lock boxes are a popular choice for both residential and commercial gate applications, providing peace of mind and enhanced security for your property.

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Wrought Iron Locks

Wrought iron locks are stylish and reliable options for securing your gates. Crafted with the beauty and durability of wrought iron, these locks not only provide security but also add an elegant touch to your gate. Designed specifically for wrought iron gates, these locks are built to withstand the elements and resist tampering. With their intricate designs and sturdy construction, wrought iron locks offer both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you have a classic or modern wrought iron gate, these locks are the perfect complement, ensuring the safety and protection of your property while enhancing its overall charm. Choose a wrought iron lock for a timeless and secure solution for your gate.

Gate Locks for Metal Gates

Metal gates require robust and specialized locks to ensure optimal security. Our gate locks specifically designed for metal gates offer durability and strength. Whether you have steel, aluminum, or wrought iron gates, we have a range of locks that are suitable for metal gate applications. These locks are built to withstand the heavy-duty demands of metal gates and provide reliable locking mechanisms to keep your property secure.

Protect Your Property with High-Quality Gate Locks

 When it comes to safeguarding your property, investing in high-quality gate locks is crucial. At Tigerlink, we understand the importance of security and offer a wide selection of gate locks to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for locks for your external gates, gates with key-operated systems, or locks for metal gates, our comprehensive range has you covered.

Choosing the Right Gate Lock for Your Needs

With various types of gate locks available, it's essential to choose the right one for your specific requirements. Consider factors such as the type of gate you have, the level of security you need, and the convenience features you desire. Key-operated locks provide added security but require key management, while digital locks offer keyless entry and advanced access control options. Electric strikes are suitable for automated gates, providing convenient access for authorized individuals. Sliding gate locks are ideal for securing sliding gates and ensuring smooth operation.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

To ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your gate locks, it's recommended to seek professional installation and regular maintenance. Proper installation by experienced technicians ensures that the locks are correctly fitted and aligned for seamless operation. Routine maintenance and inspections help identify any issues early on and ensure that the locks remain in top condition, providing reliable security for your gates.

Enhance Your Gate Security with Accessories

In addition to gate locks, consider incorporating accessories that can further enhance the security of your gates. Gate closers can ensure that your gate is properly closed and latched, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Security cameras and intercom systems provide added surveillance and control, allowing you to monitor and manage access to your property effectively. Combining gate locks with these accessories can create a comprehensive security solution for your gate and property.


As a leading provider of gate and fencing hardware, Tigerlink offers a diverse range of gate locks to cater to different security needs. Whether you're looking for external gate locks, locks with key-operated systems, or specific locks for metal gates, we have the right solutions for you. Our high-quality products, professional installation services, and ongoing maintenance support ensure that your gates remain secure and provide peace of mind. Explore our extensive selection of gate locks and accessories at Tigerlink and take the first step toward enhancing the security of your property.

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