Single Bearing vs Double Bearing Gate Wheels
7 July, 2022 by
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Why pay more for double-bearing wheels?

Which gate wheel should I choose?

Spotting the difference between single and double bearing can be difficult because the saddle and the bracket holders are covering the bearing. An easy rule of thumb is that a higher price would suggest that it is a double bearing.

Most types of bearings used in sliding gate wheels are sealed to prevent dust from destroying the bearing and to prolong the life of the wheels. However, we know that, in some cases, the wheels are fitted to sliding gates before they are powder coated. The oven to cure powder needs to reach 210°C; therefore, leaving the wheel attached will only shorten the life of the operation of the wheels.

The excepted life of a sliding gate wheel depends on the opening and closing of the gate, but, as a rule of thumb, a sliding gate wheel should be replaced every 5-7 years.
Clarico-PictureSingle Bearing

Double Bearing


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