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Swing Gates with Rising Hinges

Most swing gates open inwards from the road.

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If a driveway slopes up from the road a standard inward opening gate won't work because it will strike the driveway.

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Offsetting the Bottom Hinge 

It would be more desirable to have the gate open uphill to follow the slope of the driveway, which can be done by using rising hinges that have an offset bottom hinge causing the gate to open up at an angle.  The amount of offset determines the amount of slope so rising hinges with an adjustable offset such as my 'Power Rise' hinge allows the exact amount of rising to be set.
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The amount of offset required to get a particular rise can be calculated with:

Offset = Gate Height / Gate width x Rise

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Power Rise - Adjustable Rising Gate Hinge  

Power Rise Hinges are Ball Bearing Hinges that bolt onto mounting brackets on the gate post and gate that allow different offsets to be set.  The hinges are fitted at the opening angle of the gate so there is no binding when the gate opens.

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The motor for the gate should also be fitted at the same angle as the hinges or can hinge upwards as the gate opens. 

Rising Gate Space

A rising gate does kick in as it opens and the more it rises the more it kicks in, taking up space between the gate posts, making your gateway narrower.  If this is a concern then the gate may be installed on the back of the post giving you full clearance between the posts.  This can be factored into the gate design.

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Allowing for the weight and slope of a Rising Gate

A drawback with automatic rising gates is the gate motor must lift a portion of the weight of the gates as it opens and the gate will push on the motor as it closes. If the gate is heavy and/or the slope is very steep either a very large expensive motor is required OR our Weight Balancing system is used that balances the weight of the gate out so a smaller gate motor will work.

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